A Guide to Real Estate Digital Transformation
for a Post-COVID World

Published on : 21/09/2020

“There is no place like home” is perhaps not heart-warming in a situation like a pandemic.

This pandemic will do more than changing the way the real estate industry will work. It has already impacted the buying behaviors of people around the world. With massive unemployment, business failures, and wage cuts, many people are cautious about buying a property. Home investment has always been of paramount significance. Still, in the light of the present-day circumstance, it has been witnessed that people will invest in a haven since the lifestyle patterns are expected to change. They have already changed, and we could see the impact of COVID-19 on the real estate industry.

According to the reports, housing sales are believed to have plunged by around 75% after the coronavirus outbreak. As compared to the pre-COVID period, house sales have dropped by 70-75%. With social distancing and other challenges, the customers have turned to digital experiences. Seemingly overnight, consumers changed their habits, and with this, the real estate builders need to reinvent themselves with a newer way of marketing, digitally!

As a real estate digital marketing agency in Bangalore, we understand that digital transformation is more than just building a shop. Real estate digital marketing is about being a powerhouse, connecting with, and serving customers as individuals. This pandemic has brought in the need to operate with a real-time rhythm.

The fuel powering all real estate digital marketing is data. Data regarding your target audience, demographics, interests, and buying habits. This data acts as a secret treasure that informs everything from ad targeting to communications to care, which helps builders curate relevant content or offers and deliver a more personalized experience, digitally! Comprehensive analytics then gauge campaign performance, either reinforcing an existing approach or suggesting a new one. It is transformative for the builders and the customers.

Keeping up with the customers in a pandemic situation is a challenge for the real estate industry because consumer buying behaviour has drastically changed in this lockdown. Technologies and customer data platforms can tackle this challenge.

The right tools like Google Ads, Social media marketing, SEO, PPC, and end-to-end technology solutions will help you reach the right audience, increase sales, generate more significant ROI.

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