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Create SEO, SEM and SMM marketing strategies to enable your reach to the targeted audience.

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Using new strategies and insights, we deliver what we have promised and take your business to new heights.

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How We Work

Discovering the Real Problem
Innovation rarely happens during periods of stability. It is only when businesses are faced with instability or a period of sustained success they devote time to looking into the real problems, such as reduction of unnecessary cost.
Defining a Successful outcome
True innovation can be achieved by looking at expertise outside the organisation's sector. A fresh perspective can provide the spark of an idea, which can be developed into new direction, product or service. Sparkiormedia has an experienced team to solve the brand's challenges, by using a collaborative approach and upgrading to the current market trends.
Our Approach to Co-Creation
Our main goal is to work closely with our clients to get to the root of their business challenges. We help them identify opportunities and frame their requirements looking at the big picture. This will in turn help in retaining their space in the market and their aspirations will continue to soar.
Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is one of the best services in digital marketing as this results in quality lead generation that is achieved in a short amount of time. Many Real Rstate Digital Agency companies in Bangalore use PPC to reach the target audience in a shorter span and increase quality sales.

There are 4.57 billion active internet users, which opens a huge market for brands to reach out and convert the right people. As a leading Real Estate Digital Agency in Bangalore, Sparkior Media has successfully served multiple brands and helped them achieve their marketing goals. Proficient in providing lead generation solutions, we create high-performance ads with interest-based targeted campaigns to optimize your marketing spends. Our team of PPC experts, designers, content writers, and data analysts work together to reach the right target group and generate highly qualified leads and sales.

We help you with:

Lead Generation:
As ROI Real Estate Digital Marketing Agency in Bangalore, we often get this question - How to capture customers’ interest and increase sales? By proper targeting, optimizing, and monitoring the campaigns, we help real estate brands to generate more leads in a shorter period.

Today, every business needs lead generation to improve conversion rates and, in turn, earn huge profits. But as a Real Rstate Agency in Bangalore, we understand generating leads is not enough; quality plays a crucial role. So at Sparkior, we focus on generating leads and giving quality leads to our real estate clients.
Paid Search:
33% of people click on a paid search ad because it directly answers their search query. If you want to reach your target audience and get an immediate campaign boost and investment returns, then paid search is the best option. And when you have the best Real Estate Digital Marketing Agency in Bangalore to help you out, then there’s no looking back!

Paid search campaign brings in sales. Being one of the best Real Estate Digital Marketing Agencies in Bangalore, we launch, deliver ROI you won’t find anywhere else.
Social Media Advertising:
Consumers research online and then decide to buy, and social media proves to be the best medium and more likely to bring a higher ROI. Every social advertising platform is unique and offers a great way to reach the target audience. Being a top Digital Marketing Agency in Bangalore, we strongly feel every brand can earn profit from social media advertising and engage and convert their target audience. We connect your projects/services with thousands of potential buyers and boost your lead generation. If sales conversions are on your mind, then Sparkior Media is what you need.

Our Process:

As an experienced real estate digital marketing agency in Bangalore, we take all the requirements from your end and choose the suitable medium for advertising.
We understand your requirements and work on a strategy to align with your goals.
We initially run a pilot campaign to see the results and accordingly scale the campaigns to generate the required results.
We optimize the campaign, analyze the results and optimize the campaigns accordingly to maximize the results.

Our Clients

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Great work does not just "happen," it's born out of inspiration, trust and collaboration. We are renown for our readiness to explore; to break; to experiment and then renovate to invent a customised solution. Doing this sets the bar for a direction that is blindingly crystal clear and most importantly, applicable to you. Starting with data moving through to insights, our strategy is laser focused on connecting audiences with creative work that really resonates.

We will be developing a testing plan to understand more about the customer journey in all paid channels as well as rolling out a refreshed brand narrative and media plan.


We believe Content is king! one must have heard this phrase a lot. However, we would like to explain the importance. In 2020, content doesn't mean only blog posts. Still, these posts have huge importance but there are many ways to enrich your content strategy. Content marketing play an essential role in improving your relations with your customers and building trust for your brand.

Why Us:

  • Best Real Estate Digital Marketing Agency in Bangalore Our PPC team holds a lot of experience when it comes to lead generation for real estate brands. As a result, we make sure you reach your marketing goals and earn a higher ROI.

  • Goal-Driven: Your goals are our goals! As an ROI real estate digital marketing agency in Bangalore, we make sure you get success and generate profits.

  • Quick Turnaround Time We understand the importance of time! And hence we have our processes in place and an expert team to help you achieve your goals in a shorter span of time.

  • Deliver More We continuously optimize and analyze your campaigns, thus delivering more than promised. We are known as the best real estate digital marketing agency in Bangalore for a reason!

Our Services


Our Services

Branding and Identity

Whether you are launching a new brand or giving your brand a makeover, we'll help you! As a 360 marketing agency, our specialty is providing the full spectrum of services right from brand identity to other marketing services.

PPC Marketing

No online advertising plan is complete without pay-per-click. By supplementing organic search results with paid ads, you can drive traffic to your website, paying only when someone clicks your ad.


We use the most relevant keywords to ensure the clicks you get are from the people most likely to buy your product and by using metrices as Real Time Call Tracking, Lead tracking, Google Analytics, Social Analytics.

PPC Channels

Google Search ads, Google Display ads, Native Channels Remarketing and Re-Targeting.

Social Media Marketing

When you have more budget to put toward your advertising, a campaign for you to consider is social media marketing. Social media targets a wider audience than only those who follow you. Social media marketing platforms are so prominent nowadays that you can specify to whom to display your ads. You can build target audiences based on their interests, demographics, behaviours, and more. When you are operating more than one or two social media marketing campaigns at once, you may want to consider using social media marketing tools to automate processes, make bulk changes, and optimize your ads.


A digital marketing campaign has many facets. Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most important pieces of your plan. The goal is to get you to the top of search engine result pages.


We perform an initial SEO audit on your site to focus on the keywords that will help your site the most.

SEO Coverage

Seo Campaign Management, Enterprise Seo, Local Seo.

Video Marketing

if you’re looking to increase brand awareness, connect with your customers in a more engaging way, and a tell a story that accurately illustrates your company’s mission and purpose—invest in video marketing. If you haven’t thought about using video as a tool to leverage your company’s goals before, now is the time. Here’s why:

  • People retain 65 percent of information for three days longer when it’s supplemented with a visual ad
  • 400 percent as many consumers prefer to watch a video than to read about a product
  • Organic engagement on Facebook is higher when posts include videos
  • Video earns 12 times more shares than text and images combined
  • 87 percent of online marketers are already incorporating video marketing into their strategies
  • Video marketing is really just the act of incorporating video into your marketing strategy to help increase brand recognition and awareness.

Web Solutionss

Every website is unique, according to the requirement. Sparkior Media, one of the leading web development companies, will help you create a perfect website suited for your brand. We use the latest software technologies and ensure compatibility as per the requirements. Leave your website-related worries to us. We plan, structure, and build an ideal system for your website to get incredible results and traffic.

Creative Solutions

Creative/Digital Solutions: We are a one-stop solution agency that offers experienced and comprehensive help for a wide range of business needs. We make sure that the message is delivered accurately to the target audience through our creative solutions, helping you build instant credibility.

Outdoor Digital Ads

Make a significant impact on your target audience and create brand recognition through Outdoor Digital Ads. We will help you get maximum exposure by reaching the largest number of people in the smallest amount of time. Our team of experts will help you in every step and ensure the results are delivered on time.

OTT Marketing

Deliver a targeted message to the right audience through OTT marketing. The completion rates of OTT ads often exceed 90% because the ads delivered through OTT are non-skippable and 100% viewable. As a digital marketing agency, we will help you build an OTT campaign with engaging content and better ROI.

About Us

Engage And Enthrall your audience

Sparkior Media is a one-stop agency. A hub to suit your marketing needs. Our team of experts will help you at every step and take your business to new heights.

Create a niche in the global marketplace through targeted marketing and communication strategies with Sparkior Media. As the best digital marketing agency, we help you build a brand story to generate more engagement, ROI, and sales. We offer a host of services - Branding, Digital Marketing Solutions, Pay Per Click, Search Engine Optimization, Web Solutions, Social Media Marketing, Integrated Marketing Solutions, and OTT Marketing.

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